2022 Sponsorships

BitBlockBoom is moving to Austin, Texas for our 5th year event.

This years  event will top last years event in quality and attendees.

If you have any questions about sponsoring please send a message. or call 817-500-9237

Platinum Sponsor (SOLD)

Our number one sponsorship opportunity.

With this sponsorship you will be the top sponsor of BitBlockBoom and everyone will know it.

Your logo will be displayed everywhere.

Gold Sponsor (SOLD)

Our second best sponsorship opportunity.

This sponsorship puts you in the elite group of  sponsor of BitBlockBoom.

While this sponsorship  your company gets a ton of visibility.

Silver Sponsorship

Silver Sponsor

This is a  fantastic way to get involved with BitBlockBoom  while keeping on a budget.

You and your company will be seen as leaders in the Bitcoin Community.

Streaming Partners

Streaming Sponsor

This year the BitBlockBoom sessions will go out on a live stream free of charge.

Now the entire world will watch BitBlockBoom live.

Put your company logo or message in the live stream.

Your logo will also be included in the final presentations that are uploaded to Youtube.

Attendee Bag Inserts

This is a great way to advertise your podcast, newsletter, app or anything else Bitcoiners might find interesting.

Attendees and speakers will receive a bag with a limited number of handouts and giveaways.

Make sure  your information in their bag.

Lanyard Sponsorship

Lanyard Sponsor

A great way to be seen is to have your name on the lanyards worn by all the attendees and speakers.

Very visible advertising since everyone is wearing wearing your Logo around their neck.

Badge Sponsor (SOLD)

This opportunity is like having your companies billboard on everyones chest.

The attendees will see your message on their badge and on everyone else's badge too.

Exhibition Table

Exhibition Tables

A great way to not only be seen, but to talk to everyone at BitBlockBoom.

With a table/booth you have the opportunity to talk to attendees and speakers as they hang out during the event.



Program Advertising

Everyone need to use their program to keep on schedule during BitBlockBoom.

This is a great way to get your message to everyone that attends  BitBlockBoom.


$400.00$1,000.00Select options

Speaker Room Sponsor

Speaker Room Sponsor

Show our Speakers you care!Food, drink and a quiet area for our speakers.

Speakers use the room to get ready for their speaking session, to grab a quick bite to eat, or just to make a phone call.

You logo will be place on the door and inside the room..


Tea Sponsor

People love their tea and as the tea sponsor everyone will think of you every time they drink a sip of their tea.

What a great way to let everyone know about your product or service while supporting BitBlockBoom

Coffee Sponsor

Coffee Sponsor

People love their coffee and as the coffee sponsor everyone will think of you every time they drink a sip of their coffee.

What a great way to let everyone know about your product or service while supporting BitBlockBoom

Thursday Drink Sponsor

Thursday Drink Sponsor

The Thursday night BitBlockBoom dinner is a great time.

Your logo will be on signage in the room.

Brunch Sponsor

The Sunday Brunch is a great way to end BitBlockBoom.

Attendees come to eat and talk Bitcoin one last time before they leave. 

They leave Dallas thinking about your company.

Drink Sponsor

Friday Drink Sponsor

The Friday Night BitBlockDinner is a great event and your sponsorship will go towards drinks for the thirsty Bitcoiners.

It will be obvious to everyone you are the drink sponsor of this event.

Bag Sponsor

Bag Sponsor

Exclusive advertising on all the attendee bags.

All attendees will receive a bag with your logo on the front.

Your logo and  the BitBlockBoom logo are the only logos on the bag.


Charging Station Sponsor

Charging Station Sponsor

During the event you can have your name, logo, etc on a banner above the charging station.

Every time people charge their phones they hang out around your table until their device is charged.

Hotel Keycard Sponsor

 During the event have your logo or message on the hotel keycards.

This is a great marketing opportunity.

Wifi Sponsor

This is a great way to advertise your podcast, newsletter, app, website or anything else Bitcoiners might find interesting.

Casino Night Sponsor

Casino Night is the big after party on Saturday night.

This is one of our favorite events.

BitBlockLunch Sponsor

This is the first year for BitBlockLunch.

Originally I was going to create a Women of Bitcoin event, but after asking the BitBlockBoom community I decided to open it up to everyone and find a sponsor to pay for all women Bitcoiners to attend Free Of Charge