Kris Merkel

Kris Merkel – VP of Community Support at Exodus

Kris is the VP of Community Support at Exodus Movement Inc., developers of the multi- asset wallet, Exodus. A relative newcomer to the crypto space, once exposed realized the world-changing implications of the technology resulting in the eventual eradication of the extremes between wealth and poverty. Kris’ history lies in the world of production, post-production, and marketing.

Before Exodus, Kris was part of a team that took a little known piece of production hardware from a small boutique company and helped turn an economy brand into a luxury brand within 5 years, by focusing on the people who used the products.

Taking this focus on the user experience and finding a shared value with the Exodus founders of building a support driven company, Kris made the transition into Exodus support as a Customer Service Engineer and has grown with the remarkable team as they have scaled, never losing sight of how the foundation and success of Exodus rests in the relationships built with the people who use the wallet.

Follow him on Twitter @kris_merkel