BitPay Developer Workshop

Minting Of New BtcPayServer Contributors hosted by Rockstar Developer and Britt Kelly

Free With Conference Pass

Friday,  Aug 27th – 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Join BTCPayServer contributors @britttttkelly and @r0ckstardev to learn how you can become a part of Bitcoin's open source movement and help move it forward.

As one of the biggest FOSS projects in Bitcoin, BTCPay Server boasts a fantastic community and we want to make sure you're part of it!

By the time the workshop ends we will onboard you onto tools existing BTCPay Server contributors use, and – if possible see you submit your first contribution.

– Introduction
– Looking back on everything project accomplished over the years
– Presenting team members, project structure
– Thanking those from community who support the project
– Remote joins from team members around the world
– BTCPay Server demo
– Luna Node installer to bring up instance
– Features
– Apps
– Payment Requests
– Invoices
– Integrations
– Lightning
– Links to documentation
– Why is BTCPay for anyone
– Why is BTCPay not for everyone
– BTCPay Server communication channels
– Mattermost
– Github
– Twitter
– Youtube
– Blog
– Telegram
– Demonstrating contributing to code,

– Setting up dev environment
– Discussing conventions on the project
– Opening PR
– Demonstrating contributing to documentation,

– Showcasing different GitHub repositories
– Discussing documentation conventions
– Opening PR
– 1on1s with attendees to submit their contributions
– Q&A