Upgrade To Multisignature

Upgrade to Multisignature with the Unchained Vault Concierge Team

Free to the first 100 people.
Friday,  Aug 27th – 1:00 pm – 2:55 pm

Multisignature makes you safer by eliminating single points of failure, but creating and using them requires learning new skills. Get set up with an Unchained multisignature vault with the Unchained Capital Vault Concierge Team and learn the differences between bitcoin single signature addresses and multisignature addresses.

Come to the session with any combination of 2 Trezors, Coldcards, or Ledgers, cables to connect them to your computer, a MicroSD card and Card reader if you’re using Coldcards, and a computer you can use to get set up (Mac, Windows).

Complete an Unchained Capital Tier 2 profile in advance here: https://my.unchained-capital.com/sign_up