Network with Bitcoiners in Dallas, Texas.

We talk about Bitcoin, Bitcoin, and more Bitcoin.

This is not an Alt-coin, or a Blockchain event.

Only 300 tickets will be sold.


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2021 BitBlockBoom SPEAKERS

Anthony Pompliano
Morgan Creek Digital

Martys Bent

Marty Bent
Marty's Ƀent

Matt Odell

Matt Odell
Rabbit Hole Recap

Michael Goldstein
Bitcoin Podcast

Parker Lewis

Parker Lewis
Unchained Capital

Pierre Rochard The Bitcoin Advisory" - 2018 Event

Pierre Rochard
The Bitcoin Advisory

Preston Pysh

Preston Pysh
Pylon Holding

Rodolfo (NVK)
Maker OF Bitcoin Hardware

Stephan Livera

Stephan Livera
Podcast Host

Gary Leland

Gary Leland

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“This may have been the first conference in the U.S. that can truly claim to be a Bitcoin Maximalist conference.”

Saifedean Ammous / Author of The Bitcoin Standard
Pierre Rochard The Bitcoin Advisory" - 2018 Event

“If you are interested in hanging with Bitcoin Maximalists, come to Bit Block Boom.”

Pierre Rochard / Founder, Bitcoin Advisory

“One of the first conferences I have been to that is so Bitcoin Maximalist. Finally, a safe space for important ideas.”

Michael Goldstein / President at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

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