The BitBlockBoom! is a bitcoin conference. To put it in simple terms this conference is only for people who are interested in Bitcoin. Attendees range from people highly known and heavily involved in Bitcoin, to people who are just trying to learn what bitcoin is all about. You will not find anyone shilling shitcoins or NFTs. This is a True Bitcoin Conference. BitBlockBoom has created a wonderful atmosphere to meet and discuss bitcoin with the speakers and other bitcoiners.
You can track the running list of confirmed speakers over on the BitBlockBoom's Speakers page.
#1 As stated BitBlockBoom is a bitcoin ONLY event. No promoting of shitcoins allowed. #2 If you buy a ticket to BitBlockBoom and I feel you are a scammer, or someone hoping to take advantage of the attendees your ticket will be cancelled and your money refunded. A few of the actions that will get you banned from BitBlockBoom. - photos without consent. - shitcoin shilling. - sharing of information surrounding the event, it's attendees or event locations. - generally being a jerk. - crashing a BitBlockBoom event.
Anyone can follow BitBlockBoom on Twitter at Twitter.com/BitBlockBoom There is also a private Telegram group for ticket holders which will serve as a main communication hub for event updates. If you bought a ticket and are on Telegram please DM @GaryLeland on Telegram with the name you used when you registered and he will add you to the private group.
All seating is first come first serve.
I realize stuff happens in life that can cause you to change your schedule. For that reason you may cancel for a full refund until October 1st. Tickets are priced in U.S.Dollars. The option to pay in bitcoin is for your convince. If you cancel your tickets and you paid in bitcoin you will be refunded the U.S. Dollar value of your ticket.
Yes, you can but there is a $100 fee to transfer tickets and tickets can not be transferred after April 1st, 2025. You can paypal the $100 fee to BitBlockBoom@gmail.com and email the name of the new ticket holder to BitBlockBoom@gmail.com using the email used when you bought your tickets originally.
This is the eighth year for the conference.
Yes, but there are no cancellation or refunds on sponsorships after 30 days from purchase.
There is the Welcome to BitBlockBoom Dinner/Party on Thursday night, April 3rd. The workshops are on Friday,  April 4th followed by the Friday night Dinner/Party. The conference itself is on Saturday, April 5th followed by the Casino Night Party and we wrap everything up on April 6th with BitBockBrunch.
We are excited to partner with the Hilton Granite Park for 2025.
Both DFW International and Love Field are  close.
There is a Welcome to BitBlockBoom Dinner/Party on Thursday night which is a great networking opportunity for all Bitcoiners. On Friday night BitBlockBoom will host its annual dinner in Dallas Join us for a special evening of Bitcoin discussion, merriment, and more.
Yes, everyone listed has agree to speak at BitBlockBoom! As with any event things may change from time to time. People may have family emergences, or as with 2020 some people may have issues going from one country to another, but if we need to remove a speaker they will be replaced with another great speaker.
BitBlockBoom! does not normally pay or reimburse speakers. You will receive a pro pass to BitblockBoom events.
Yes, on Saturday evening we will host our annual Casino Party free to all conference ticket holders. There is also a Bitcoin Brunch on Sunday morning that you really should attend. Only conference attendees may buy a ticket to the brunch. The brunch is a big hit with everyone that attends and a great way to end your weekend.
Follow the BitBlockBoom Twitter account for the latest updates, special announcements at Twitter.com/BitBlockBoom.
Yes, BitBlockBoom will offer workshops on Friday. We will post them at BitBlockBoom.com/Program.
Dress casual, this isn't a snobby, highbrow, business-professional event. It is possible some outside events may have dress codes but they will be marked as such on the schedule.
Please be thoughtful of photography and the use of cellphone cameras, as not everyone will want to be included in photos. If you must take a photo please make sure everyone in the photo is aware that you are taking their photo, and have given their permission to include them in the shot.