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Schedule of events

Bitcoin & Barbells 

1:30 PM

Jeff Vandroux, Ben Westgate, and Morgen Rochard will be on hand to discuss lifting technique, program design, and diet. Jeff will be teaching the deadlift, Ben the Press, and Morgen the squat.

The meetup will be beginner friendly, so don't be intimidated!

More Information Coming Soon

Guns & Bitcoins 

1:00 PM

More Information Coming Soon

The Welcome To BitBlockBoom Dinner 

6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Get a head start on networking with other Bitcoiners while eating a great dinner.

We have rented a private banquet room and are having it catered.

Serving —-.

Beer and an open bar.

6:30 – Check in and enjoy networking with food, drinks, and bitcoiners.
10:00 – Time to leave.

Location Coming Soon

If you are arriving on Thursday this is a must do event.


Underground Citadel

11:00 AM – 2:30 PM

All You Need To Know To Achieve Self-sovereignity.
We all got red-pilled on the financial system.
Time to look into alternatives in other areas of our lives.
Let's discuss how to escape the broken system and build the right experience for ourselves.

Important: The event is completely off-the-record. We value your privacy and trust you to do the same towards people around you.
No video recordings are allowed.

More Information

Build Your Own Personal Server

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

“Personal computers” are not so personal. Your desktop, laptop, and mobile device are all just remote controls operating a remote server that is not your own. This means that the privacy, integrity, and very existence of all your data and communications are dependent upon the trust and competence of a third party. For many, this is tolerable; but for the diligent amongst us, such an arrangement creates unwanted risk to our digital privacy and property. The only solution is to own a personal server that runs P2P protocols and applications such as Bitcoin and Cups Messenger and connect to it over an encrypted, onion routed protocol such as Tor. Sounds difficult? It used to be. But now, in this workshop, you can build your own personal server that accomplishes the above objectives in an afternoon. And it does not require ANY technical expertise. Hardware supplies are provided at cost.

More Information


6:30 PM Until 11:00

Join us Friday evening for a networking dinner with a view.

This is one of the most popular events during BitBlockBoom.

This years dinner is scheduled for Friday, August –th, 2021 from 6:30 till 11:00, and Hosted at the Park City Club in Dallas.

The Park City Club is a private club located on the 17th floor and has a spectacular view of the Dallas skyline. I think you will agree this is a great venue for a great event.

6:30 – Check in starts and so does the networking
7:30 – Lets eat dinner and continue networking
11:00 – Time to leave.

The Park City Club is located at:
5996 Sherry Lane, Suite 1700
Dallas, Tx 75225

We have the entire venue to ourselves and all tables are distanced for your safety.


BitBlockBoom! Conference Day

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

A full day dedicated to Bitcoin, with speakers, networking, and vendors. This is a REAL Bitcoin event.

You will pick up your conference badge during registration the morning of the event.

Registration starts at 8:am and the first speaker session starts at 9:00 am.



SESSION 1 – 9:10 – Coming Soon

SESSION 2 – 9:40 – Coming Soon

BREAK – 10:20

SESSION 3 – 10:35 – Coming Soon

SESSION 4 – 11:10 – Will Cole – The future of multisig

SESSION 5 – 11:45 – Tone Vays – Why only bitcoin can be considered sufficiently decentralized

BREAK – 12:20

SESSION 6 – 1:30 – Coming Soon

SESSION 7 – 2:05 – Coming Soon

BREAK – 2:45

SESSION 8 – 3:00 – Coming Soon

SESSION 9 – 3:35 – Coming Soon

SESSION 10 – 4:10 – Coming Soon

SESSION 11 – 4:45- 5:20 – Coming Soon

SESSION 12 – 5:20 – Coming Soon

CLOSING COMMENTS – 5:55 – Gary Leland


After Conference Party! Sponsored By Unchained Capital

7:30 PM – 11:00 PM (Free With General Admission Ticket)

7:30 – Networking

8:00 – Rabbit Hole Recap Live
Join Marty, Matt and guests for a drink during this live version of Rabbit Hole Recap.

9:00 – Networking

9:30 – The Al’s Lacrosse Awards
Red carpet awards show honoring and disgracing the bitcoin community. Black tie optional.


The Bitcoin Brunch

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The Bitcoin Brunch is a great way to end BitBlockBoom!

Attended by most speakers and attendees alike, the Bitcoin Brunch provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere to talk about Bitcoin with other Bitcoin Maximalists.

The Brunch is from 10:00 – 2:00 and at Mattito's which is a new and better location in up-town Dallas. 

I rented the second floor of Mattito's. This is a great place to network and hang out all morning while waiting on your flight.  Their website is

Mattito's is located at :
3102 Oak Lawn
Dallas, Tx. 75219