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Schedule of events

Bitcoin & Barbells

1:30 PM

Jeff Vandroux and Ben Westgate will be on hand to discuss lifting technique, program design, and diet. Jeff will be teaching the deadlift, and Ben the Overhead Press.

The meetup will be beginner friendly, so don't be intimidated!


The Welcome To BitBlockBoom Dinner 

6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Sponsored BY Unchained Capital

Get a head start on networking with other great Bitcoiners while eating dinner.

Join us at a true country honky tonk for a great Mexican food buffet from one of the top restaurants in Dallas. There will be an open bar, unlimited bull riding, country western dancing and shoot pool all while networking with Bitcoiners.

6:30 – Check in and enjoy networking with food, drinks, and bitcoiners.
10:00 – The official event ends but you are welcome to stay and party.

Location Coming Soon

If you are arriving on Thursday this is a must do event.

DRESS CODE: No athletic shorts, no tank tops for men.



Making Sense of Lightning Workshop

Hotel – Bent Tree Conference Room

Time 9:00 – 10:55

Free to the first 100 people

Hosted By Guy Swann

A brief walk through the concept of lightning and how to imagine the network on order to get an idea of what is happening behind the scenes & to understand the security model of the Lightning script. Then we get our feet wet playing around with some fun lightning tools.



Minting Of New BtcPayServer Contributors

Hotel – Preston Trail Conference Room

Time 10:00 – 10:55

Free to the first 100 people

Join BTCPayServer contributors @britttttkelly and @r0ckstardev to learn how you can become a part of Bitcoin's open source movement and help move it forward.



How to Integrate Your KeyKeeper IRA with an Unchained Capital Vault.

Hotel – Preston Trail Conference Room

Time 11:00 – 11:55

Free to the first 100 people

Hosted by Jeff Vandroux

A workshop demonstrating both the legal and tech sides of holding your own keys in collaborative multisig within an IRA.

More Information


Coming Soon.

Hotel – Bent Tree Conference Room

Time 11:00 – 11:55

Free to the first 100 people

Hosted by

Underground Citadel 

Satellite Event (Not Hosted By BitBlockBoom) 

Time 11:00 – 5:00

All You Need To Know To Achieve Self-sovereignity.
We all got red-pilled on the financial system.
Time to look into alternatives in other areas of our lives.
Let's discuss how to escape the broken system and build the right experience for ourselves.
Important: The event is completely off-the-record. We value your privacy and trust you to do the same towards people around you.
No video recordings are allowed.



Private Location

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

An afternoon of gun and networking for seasoned and novice shooters.

You can bring you own gun, your own 3-D gun, or rent from the shop’s collection.
New shooters can take a fundamentals course that will introduce you to basic gun handling and
safety and will include time to shoot in the bays.

A Registered Safety Officer will be on the bays at all times.

Limited to 60 people.


Self-Sovereign Manufacturing: an introduction to start 3D printing

Hotel – Preston Trail Conference Room

1:00 PM – 2:55 PM

Free to the first 100 people

3D printing is localized manufacturing. We have distributed money with Bitcoin, now learn how to be a distributed manufacturer with this introductory course to get started 3D printing. Get hands-on experience in drawing CAD and setting up your printer to start building today.

Learn the workflow that it takes to turn your “Thoughts into Things” with Eden3D.


Upgrade To Multisignature with Unchained Capital

Hotel – Bent Tree Conference Room

Time 1:00 – 2:55

Free to the first 100 people

Multisignature makes you safer by eliminating single points of failure, but creating and using them requires learning new skills. Get set up with an Unchained multisignature vault with the Unchained Capital Vault Concierge Team and learn the differences between bitcoin single signature addresses and multisignature addresses.

Come to the session with any combination of 2 Trezors, Coldcards, or Ledgers, cables to connect them to your computer, a MicroSD card and Card reader if you’re using Coldcards, and a computer you can use to get set up (Mac, Windows).


Setting Up And Verifying a Casa multisig Wallet

Hotel – Preston Trail Conference Room

Time 3:00 – 4:00

Free to the first 100 people

See a Casa multisig wallet get created, then learn how to verify everything Casa does using third party open source software. The demo will show the full process, so you can see the benefits Casa brings in UX and simplicity, while still being able to follow the Bitcoiner mantra “Don’t trust, verify.”



Coming Soon

Hotel – Bent Tree Conference Room

Time 3:00 – 4:00

Free to the first 100 people


6:00 – 10:00

Sponsored by FOLD – The Bitcoin Rewards App.

The Friday night dinner is one of the most popular events during BitBlockBoom and this year we are hosting a great Texas barbeque event.

This years dinner is scheduled for Friday, August 27th, 2021

6:30 – Check in starts and so does the networking
7:00 – Lets eat dinner and continue networking
8:30 – Band starts
9:30 – The official event ends but you are welcome to stay and party.


BitBlockBoom! Conference Day

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

A full day dedicated to Bitcoin, with speakers, networking, and vendors. This is a REAL Bitcoin event.

You will pick up your conference badge during registration the morning of the event.

Registration starts at 8:am and the first speaker session starts at 9:00 am.



SESSION 1 – 9:10 – Coming Soon

SESSION 2 – 9:40 – Coming Soon

BREAK – 10:20

– Coming Soon

SESSION 3 – 10:35 – Coming Soon

SESSION 4 – 11:10 – Coming Soon

SESSION 5 – 11:45 – Coming Soon

BREAK – 12:20

SESSION 6 – 1:30 – Coming Soon

SESSION 7 – 2:05 – Coming Soon

BREAK – 2:45

SESSION 8 – 3:00 – Coming Soon

SESSION 9 – 3:35 – Coming Soon

SESSION 10 – 4:10 – Coming Soon

SESSION 11 – 4:45- – Coming Soon


After Conference Party! Sponsored By _________

6:30 PM – 11:00 PM (Free With General Admission Ticket)


The Bitcoin Brunch

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The Bitcoin Brunch is a great way to end BitBlockBoom!

Attended by most speakers and attendees alike, the Bitcoin Brunch provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere to talk about Bitcoin with other Bitcoin Maximalists.

The Brunch is from 10:00 – 2:00 and at ____________ which is a great restaurant and at a location close to the hotel.

I rented the second floor of _____________. This is a great place to network and hang out all morning while waiting on your flight.  Their website is ________________.

__________ is located at :