Mike Clear – Owner, myhash.io

Mike is the Director of Business Development at Watchman Payment Systems. In his role, Mike helps companies secure payments between non-traditional funding sources such as financial aid, points, or other non-fiat balances utilizing software which delivers instant payment to approved vendors in the form of a one time use digital credit card. One such solution, known as Automated Bursar Billing enables college students to access their financial aid using only their student ID to purchase authorized goods & services, such as educational materials, prior to the start of classes.

Prior to his current role, Mike spent the past 10 years working closely with retailers to develop retail and warehouse management software. His experience involves early stage participation in the development of an omni-channel inventory managment system and POS which was adopted as the core platform for Tree of Life Bookstores, and Sidewalk Pro. Mike spent five years as the POS Sales Engineer at Sidewalk Inc. Mike has also consulted for a variety of outside industries including the Energy and Finance sectors.